Classic Caravan Hire

A very special camping experience.

The 60's was the 'Golden age' of caravanning, and at the top-end of the market some very beautiful caravans were made. In Britain Carlight were probably the best and their French equivelent were made by a company called Notin'. Beautiful to look at and beautifully made the irony was that the larger Notin were too heavy for any French built car to comfortably tow and so their owners often drove large British or American cars - Jaguars, Rovers, Pontiacs and the like. 

We have found one of Notin's best designs - the 'Goelette' (schooner) - beautifully preserved and a real pleasure to live in. 

notin caravan outside

The caravan is almost entirely original and has the most exquisite woodwork in the lounge with masses of storage space and two double beds.

Notin caravan dining area

You'll find a little kitchen (in minuature) and even a small bathroom though you must use the campsite toilets and showers - plus of course all the other campsite facilities are included, kitchen, BBQ etc.

notin caravan kitchen

The whole caravan is 60's themed - the idea being that you should feel like you have stepped back into a different age...

notin caravan breakfast bar

The price of this 'luxury' is just 60€ a night (300€ for a full week) and if ou like you could even rent our 2CV or vintage style bikes for a real French experience!

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