Vintage Camping

Camping like it should be...

Gouarec is large and grassy, very natural and with very much the feel of a 'proper' campsite. Increasingly campsites in France have become glorified villages of chalets and mobile homes, our aim at Gouarec is to do the complete opposite. 

gouarec campsite in france

So in Gouarec campsite you'll find open spaces, communal campsite kitchens that anyone can use, covered areas with picnic tables where people mingle and talk and eat whilst children can just explore in safety. You'll find big fire pits where you can sit around a roaring fire on a chilly summer evening, or borrow one of our barbeques to cook up something from the village butcher. 

covered area picnic

Our bike-hire fleet contains many vintage-style bikes, the campsite has a 2CV for hire for a real taste of French motoring in the '60's and though most people will bring their own tents, camping cars and caravans you'll also find fixed accommodation on-site in the same style...

Campsite Accommodation

For the majority of people coming with clubs we expect you to come with your own tents, caravans etc – however we do also have accommodation available on-site – all appropriate to the 'retro' feel of the campsite.

Canvas 'Sibly' tents

– These are 5m diameter traditional canvas tents and are huge inside. They can easily sleep 4 (our teenage son slept 18 in one) and come equipped with beds, chairs, table etc These are 40 Euro a night. Week-long bookings are taken at the five-day price.

5m sibly


Classic caravans

– These are in two varieties. The first are two small caravans from the 1960's that we have stripped all the kitchen etc from to leave more room for sleeping and sitting. As with the Sibly tent you have full access to the campsite kitchen so you don't have to cook or wash-up in the caravan. The two-berth caravan is just 30 Euro a night, the four-berth 40 Euro. Week-long bookings are taken at the five-day price.

Tiny caravan

The other caravans are rather different... These are beautiful classic caravans from the '60's like our 'Notin' pictured below (for more details and pictures click here). A real 'Rolls-Royce' of the caravan world they have exquisite woodwork, are kitted out in 1960's theme and and are a really lovely place to spend a week – just imagine your classic car parked next to her;-) These are suited to couples and are 60 Euro a night or 300 Euro per week and worth every penny...

notin caravan outside

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